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Tiny Trucks Road Sign Collection

This is a great educational and fun collection of road signs and vehicles. There is only Australian signs in this collection which can assist in teaching the children about the community, as there are emergency vehicles it can also assist in teaching about community helpers. An important part of a child's development is belonging understanding the community in which they live develops a sense of belonging.

Rated by Crystal Mawhinney

My nephew is crazy on construction toys at the moment. He loved his wooden cars & signs. He is learning about all the road signs now.

Rated by Kristy Lawton

My grandson loves these and will sit with his cars and trucks for ages driving like 'mummy'. He loves them.

Rated by Debra Schluter

My grandson (3) loves all the signs, placing them on his road board and makes the cars obey the signs. Great creativity

Rated by Carol Wicks

My toddler loves the road sign collection as it has extended upon lessons gained at daycare. Now as we're driving, a little voice will pipe up from behind when a sign from the box is recognised. Current favourites are "Stop" and "Roundabout".

Rated by Jocelyn Then

I brought it for my grandson for Xmas he will love it I just love it

Rated by Diane Ciavarella

This tiny Trucks Road Sign Collection is adorable. Just a perfect gift for a toddler who is into trucks.

Rated by Barbara Clapperton

These are great to add to the Aussie road signs collection for playing at safe driving and learning the rules of the road. Lots of fun.

Rated by Marcelle Anderson

Wonderful! The signs and toys will be great for playing on my grandchildren’s road way playmat. They can vary their games, move the signs to create different scenarios. Teamed with the garage play set the only limit will be their imagination.

Rated by Gayle Howie
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