Touch Match Hedgehog

is a beautiful wooden sensory toy with 9 removable wooden discs covered with different textures.

Each disc has a partner on the hedgehogs back and you have to touch the disc and match it to the correct one.

This lovely game can be played in a number of ways . You can match by touch with eyes open or touch only whilst wearing a blindfold

Children are also able to match by colour.

This toy grows with your child as their sensory awareness grows.

Size:  Hedgehog measures approx 27 x 22 x 1.8cm, discs 4cm diameter

Material:  Wood and 9 different materials.

Age: 12 months + younger with supervision.

We like this because: "Very useful toy.. simple and helpful."

Weight: 0.90kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TF895

Barcode: 6972633371441
Touch Match Hedgehog
Touch Match Hedgehog Detail
Touch Match Hedgehog Detail-Two
Touch Match Hedgehog Detail-Three
Touch Match Hedgehog Detail-Four
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Touch Match Hedgehog

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