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Children are fascinated by animals and a farm or petting zoo is often the first contact children have with larger animals like cows and horses. To understand and reinforce what they are seeing and experiencing a wooden farm playset is a great way for a child to become the farmer, be able to name all the animals and role-play daily events on the farm. Playsets are a wonderful introduction to storytelling and often manipulating all the pieces naturally leads to stories being extended and complicated adventures taking place. Children have no problem combining toys and if they have another toy playset like a noah's ark or camper van they will often include parts from different sets unconcerned about scale and what belongs where. Add a space ship playset and the stories become truly fantastical.

The most traditional of wooden toys is the humble wooden block. Apart from the standard architectural blocks in a tub wooden blocks also come as complete playsets, varying themes such as jungle blocks have parts of trees and villages printed on them so you can piece and stack them together forming complete environments. Building Planks are more free form allowing to create whatever you desire . Some wooden block sets come with a painted scenery base made up of a number of large puzzle pieces that can be locked together. Wooden playsets take many forms and whether you are looking for music sets, food sets, farms, hospitals or pirates our diverse selection will keep your children stimulated and entertained.
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