Treasure Map Telescopic Kaleidoscope
Treasure Map Telescopic Kaleidoscope Detail
Treasure Map Telescopic Kaleidoscope Detail-Two
Treasure Map Telescopic Kaleidoscope is a fantastic version of this old favorite and creates some beautiful patterns when held to the light and turned.

This traditional toy Kaleidoscope is covered in a map of Australia which has been aged to look like a treasure map. There are even burn marks.

This kaleidoscope also extends like a telescope for even more pirate fun.

This toy is made from very heavy duty cardboard and has a gloss finish .

Size: 19cm long x 4cm wide Extends to 24cm

Material: Heavy Duty Card.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "It extends like a telescope."

Weight: 0.08kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: MT083

Barcode: 6901383080839

Super cool and very nice gift for preschoolers! ...

Rated by Kyoung Joo Kim

I loved this toy very much, plus we got a Train Whistle and the Nesting Dolls then I spotted another ...

Rated by Carol Sheehan

Average user rating 5/5
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