Wooden Baby Walker With Blocks is a beautifully made traditional wooden toy which comes with 33 colourful solid wooden blocks. This block walker has rubber tread on its wheels so the wooden trolley can't slip sideways on a shiny surface and the handle is well placed toward the trays centre to help avoid the walker tipping up. Hand holes are cut into the wagons tray making it easy for parents and older children to pick the whole thing up and move it.

This wooden walker includes smooth wooden blocks in many different shapes and colors,The child-safe paints used meet or exceed Australian safety standards. There is also a selection of blocks which are natural and unpainted. Early on as your baby learns to walk it is a good idea put the block walker against a surface so it cant roll away and then as they get more and more stable allow them to move forward a little. There is a lot of trial an error and those first steps are hard earned.

This is a truly multi-purpose toy, from helping your baby learn to walk and balance to building with the wooden blocks, it is also a great puzzle when it comes to fitting the blocks back into the trolley. This is a wonderful wooden toy for toddlers and will help them become more and more stable on their little legs. As with all our toys it fully conforms to all Australian safety standards.

Size: 34.5cm long x 28.5cm wide x 40cm high handle.

Material: Wood with Child safe paint. Metal screws and hexagonal bolts.

Age: 12 months +

We like this because: "Simple and very well designed wagon."

Weight: 3.50kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TKC281A

Barcode: 6972633370390
Wooden Baby Walker With Blocks
Wooden Baby Walker With Blocks Detail
Wooden Baby Walker With Blocks Detail-Two
Wooden Baby Walker With Blocks Detail-Three

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Wooden Baby Walker With Blocks
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