Wooden Baby Walker with Forest Blocks

is a safe simple baby walker with a striking paint job and a tray filled with 37 forest themed wooden building blocks of many different shapes and sizes. Wooden block walkers serve many different purposes and this one is no exception. They provide a way for toddlers to help balance as they find their feet. The 37 wooden blocks are a toy within themselves and encourage building, sorting and color recognition games.

The block trolley tray allows your toddler to carry things from place to place, teddy will enjoy the ride and also the tray provides a frame for the blocks which become a puzzle to fit back into. The wooden blocks are a set of geometric shapes with beautiful bright patterns, animals and foliage painted onto them. Packing them back into the trolley is a great challenge and they make lovely patterns and shapes.

The baby walkers wheels are a nice size adding stability to the wagon and also have rubber around them making them less slippery and also nice and quiet and scratch-proof on wooden floors. The uprights connecting the handle to the body of the walker are well placed toward the centre of the tray making it stable and less prone to tipping. The weight of the blocks in the tray also help with stability.The body of the tray has two hand holes so an adult can easily pick the walker up and move it to another location. This wooden walker complies to or exceeds all Australian safety ratings... it is awesome!

Size: 34.5cm long x 28.5cm wide x 40cm high handle.

Material: Wood child-safe paint, rubber wheels

Age: 18 months +

We like this because: Bright colorful safe wooden baby walker with gorgeous wooden blocks...thumbs up from us."

Weight: 3.90kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TY280

Barcode: 6970090046674
Wooden Baby Walker With Forest Blocks
Wooden Baby Walker With Forest Blocks Detail
Wooden Baby Walker With Forest Blocks Detail-Two
Wooden Baby Walker With Forest Blocks Detail-Three

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Wooden Baby Walker With Forest Blocks

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