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Wooden Building Planks 250 Pieces
Wooden Building Planks 250 Pieces Detail
Wooden Building Planks 250 Pieces Detail-Two
Wooden Building Planks 250 Pieces Detail-Three
Wooden Building Planks 250 Pieces is a beautiful building set with endless possibilities for creative play and problem solving.

The set consists of 250 pieces of wood all of which are the same size. Approx 11.7 cm x 2.34 cm x 0.78 cm.

These small thin planks of pine wood can be balanced and stacked in an endless number of ways to create.... well just about whatever you can imagine.

Beautiful shapes, spirals, and joints can be achieved and the complexity is entirely up to the builder.

From the simplest of forms to towering sky scrapers you can do it all.

Of course when your masterpiece is built it is also fun to knock it down and start again....

Size: Box 45cm x 25xm x13cm. Plank size approx 11.7 cm x 2.34 cm x 0.78 cm.

Material: Wood

Age: 3+ upwards

We like this because: "A truly creative and thought provoking toy."

Weight: 4.00kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TKF031

Barcode: 6970090048746

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My son, aged 12, was begging for these blocks after his school purchased them. He desperarely wants to be an ...

Rated by Heidi Lomax

These are the best wooden blocks for a child. My partners grandson is six years old and lives with his ...

Rated by john cavanagh

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