Wooden Container Crane Truck

is a truck with a removable flatbed which holds 2 wooden containers marked with a number 1 and 2. The containers have magnets fixed into the top.

The trucks cab has a turning and jointed crane arm with a magnet attached to string. Using the crane arm and magnet you can load and unload the containers from the flat bed. The flat bed has small dowels which fit into holes on the base of the containers so when you are driving the containers are secure. It is always important that your small driver has a secure load.

Now you can drive your truck and make deliveries form port to warehouse. Maybe the containers are full of wooden toys ready to be delivered all over Australia. Wooden transport vehicles are a great role-play toy and allow your child to make up stories based on the trucks they might see in their neighbourhood. This wooden truck is great for the development of fine motor skills and pretend play. Swinging the containers off the back and gently lowering them or picking them up and lining up the load into the holes is a great skill to learn and takes patience.

Please be aware this toy contains magnets and is strictly for children over 2. Please use with adult supervision.

Size: 28cm long x 7cm wide x 25cm high

Material: Wood childsafe paint, string magnets.

Age: 2 +

We like this because: "A really engaging toy, really fun picking up other things with the cranes magnet not just the containers."

Weight: 1.30kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TKF003

Barcode: 6970090045721
Wooden Container Crane Truck
Wooden Container Crane Truck Detail
Wooden Container Crane Truck Detail-Two
Wooden Container Crane Truck Detail-Three
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Wooden Container Crane Truck

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