Wooden Doll House With Furniture

is a wonderful play house for your little ones dolls and imagination.

Safe, strong and beautifully made this two-story doll house has sliding front doors, working green shutters and many more features.

The Doll House comes with twenty four pieces of furniture and two grandparent bendable dolls.

It has an open plan design, with a centre dividing wall to separate the rooms, so it can be played with from the front and both sides.

Wonderfully finished this dolls house has lovely smooth surfaces. This toy is sure to become the centre of your child's playtime.

We were thrilled to find this Doll House complete with four rooms of furniture and two dolls at such a reasonable price. We are very proud to present it in our shop.

Size: 43cm wide by 27cm deep. From base to roof top 40cm. Dolls are 9cm high.

Material: Wood, Child-safe paint Cotton clothing on dolls. Metal screws

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "A lovely, colourful and clever design. We like a toy that comes with everything."

Weight: 5.00kg

Brand: Viga Toys

Model: 56254

Barcode: 6934510562540
Wooden Doll House With Furniture
Wooden Doll House With Furniture Detail
Wooden Doll House With Furniture Detail-Two
Wooden Doll House With Furniture Detail-Three

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Wooden Doll House
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Wooden Doll House With Furniture

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