Wooden Egg Shakers Purple

are a cute pair of wooden percussion instruments that have a lovely gentle rattle when they are shaken. Theses two egg shakers are beautifully smooth and decorated with yellow flowers on a purple base. One egg shaker has a smiley face and the other a sad face. These musical instruments are both 4.5cm wide and 7cm long making them a great size for small hands.

Children love to make sound and play along or create there own music, these shakers provide a simple way to explore rhythm or of course you can get more complicated with both shakers in separate hands playing different but complimentary rhythms. The happy and sad faces provide an opportunity to explore the idea of happy and sad music. "Can you made a sad rhythm?" "Can you make a happy rhythm?" These wooden egg shakers are very strong, smooth and painted with non-toxic paint. The meet all Australian safety requirements. The egg shakers are very tactile toys that feel nice in your hand when you shake them you can feel the weight of the beads moving inside in time to the rhythm.

Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 7cm

Material: Wood non-toxic paint.

Age: 2 +

We like this because: "Such beautiful colours.. begging to be played."

Weight: 0.22kg

Brand: Koala Dream

Model: MI120C

Barcode: 6901383062156
Wooden Egg Shakers Purple
Wooden Egg Shakers Purple Detail
Wooden Egg Shakers Purple Detail-Two
Wooden Egg Shakers Purple Detail-Three
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Wooden Egg Shakers Purple

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