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Wooden Layer Puzzle Egg Chicken

This is an excellent toy. I had a two year old take interest in completing this. The puzzle challenged her cognitive thinking, allowed her to draw on memory and develop an understanding of the sequence of a chicken lifecycle.

Rated by Crystal Mawhinney

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Rated by Rachel Hamilton

The fact that this puzzle is layered makes it more compact to carry around, plus it helps to reinforce that there is a flow across each stage (from egg to full grown hen). Having it layered with curvy edges adds a bit of a challenge as well for my toddler as she needs to recognise which 'frame' to work within at each level.

Rated by Jocelyn Then

Great puzzle with so many layers all the kids really enjoy the puzzle.

Rated by Bianca Broom

The wooden layer puzzle egg chicken and tadpole frog puzzle was a great hit with my twin granddaughters on their birthday. Very happy with my wooden toys would recommend to everyone.

Rated by Robyn Horton
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