Wooden Life Cycle Puzzle Chicken

is an exceptional educational layer puzzle that beautifully illustrates the life cycle of a chicken. Featuring a total of 28 intricately designed pieces, this puzzle is divided into four layers: two layers consisting of nine pieces each, one layer with six pieces, and a final layer with four pieces. Each layer seamlessly builds upon the last, representing the progression from Egg to Hatchling, then to Chick, and finally to Chicken.

This puzzle presents a considerable challenge, making it an engaging and rewarding activity for children. It serves as an excellent opportunity to spark curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of the natural world. The accompanying image depicts the four distinct layers, which neatly stack on top of each other for a complete visual representation.

Size: 15 x 15cm

Material: Wood with child-safe paint.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "A really fun puzzle and a lovely way to learn how eggs hatch and chicks grow."

Weight: 0.60kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: PM163A

Barcode: 9354963001477
Wooden Life Cycle Puzzle Chicken
Wooden Life Cycle Puzzle Chicken Detail
Wooden Life Cycle Puzzle Chicken Detail-Two
Wooden Life Cycle Puzzle Chicken Detail-Three

Average user rating 4/5
based on 5 ratings.

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Wooden Life Cycle Puzzle Chicken

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