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Wooden Lock Activity Box

My son got this toy for his 2nd Birthday and it gets played with daily. He likes to hide sultanas in it, then unlock and eat them. It is a heavy toy for a toddler to drag around - but he manages. The individual locks are really good quality.

Rated by Michelle Harten

This is an excellent product! I purchased it for my grandson and although he is younger than the recommended age, he and I enjoy hiding small other toys inside the cavities for him to find. It is the sort of toy that will grow with him. It is solid, colourful, intriguing, we both love it!!

Rated by Sharyn Johnson

This one is such a favourite for children! We put some rubber feet on the base so it was easy to slide around the floor. It has housed so many bizarre items and given my sons the skills and focus to negotiate all manner of latches and locks!

Rated by Belinda Dennis

We gave this to our very inquisitive and active 3 yr old Grandson for Christmas. He loves it , the sense of achievement with all the different locking systems and the " secret " places for storing special things certainly keeps his imagination on the move. The bonus also is that the toy is so portable . A huge winner .

Rated by Jan Hutchinson

I bought this box for my 2 year old grand daughter and she absolutely loves it when her 4 year old brother allows her to get near it! It has lots of hidey holes that are great places for all sorts of things - it keeps them both amused for ages and is excellent for developing her fine motor control and problem solving of how to undo those tricky latches.

Rated by Judy Lewis

The grandchildren were delighted their their gifts .I am always super happy with the quality, price and the service is fantastic. We don't shop anywhere else for our grandchildren. We are about to do our Christmas shopping at My Wooden Toys . Thanks for an amazing site.


I am sure this is going to be a great tresure box for my 3 year old grandson

Rated by stacey franks

Great well made toy. Something to keep the busiest little ones occupied!

Rated by Pamela Scurlock

Great toy - suits all ages


My 1 and a half yr old loves this box. He will sit there for ages opening and closing the doors, putting things inside and locking it. Highly recommend this product.

Rated by Barbara Thurston

Quick delivery, happy with this product, One of the little doors does not stay closed which is annoying. (The door not closing was quickly and easily sorted out : Doug)


Amazing toy, our 22 month old grand son plays with this constantly. If we can't find anything the first place we look now is inside the box. Would thoroughly recommend for anyone that has a child that is inquisitive and likes to keep busy

Rated by Karen Hughes

I bought the Wooden Toy Lock Activity Box for my 20 month old Grandson. He was so intrigued with it and spent time with each lock. It has a great range of locks, for those with inquisitive little minds. It is beautifully crafted with little doors for each lock, that open, with space inside for little treasures.

Rated by Elizabeth Brown

absolutely love this! My son is so intrigued with it and it hasn't taken him long to work out most of them :)

Rated by Maria Downie
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