Wooden Log Toss Game

is a game for two or more players. The aim is to be the first to score fifty points.

You stand 3 to 4 metres from the numbered pegs and toss the log to try and knock over the number you require.

If a player knocks over more than one peg you only score the number of pegs you knocked over. If you knock over 1 peg you score the number on that peg.

A player must score exactly 50 points, if you go over 50 then your score returns to 25.

This is a simple entertaining game which is wonderful for maths and it is very well presented in a crate with a rope carry string.

Size: Pegs stand 7.5cm tall. Box is 20cm long x 10cm wide.

Material: Wood and rope.

Age: 4+

We like this because: "Great game really fun."

Brand: Fun Factory

Model: HY2442S

Barcode: 6934510244279
Wooden Log Toss Game

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Wooden Log Toss Game

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