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Wooden Log Toss Game

This proved to be the ideal birthday present for a 6 yr old boy who loves throwing games and also loves numbers and maths. He very soon learnt the strategies involved, and took great delight in beating his willing grandparents. The case for the logs is practical and certainly helps keep all the parts together.His parents were impressed that we oldies had found such a good present!

Rated by Barbara Turvey

We are yet to have a game of this but it looks great and will be great family fun while helping my daughter with her maths at the same time.

Rated by Bronwyn Tiley

Great game! Much more fun than we thought it would be. Great for ages about 7 to adult we thought. Would be fun to play at the beach. You do need a flat surface to play as the logs tend to fall over if it's a rough surface. Really great fun. Love it!!

Rated by Lyndle Flewellen

Great little game in a very cute wooden carry crate. Can't wait to use it at Christmas with the family!

Rated by Kate Falk
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