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Wooden Mouse Tossing Marble Game
Wooden Mouse Tossing Marble Game Detail
Wooden Mouse Tossing Marble Game is a game of luck and skill where you launch coloured marbles into the air and try to get them into holes on the game board.

This set comes with 4 different coloured see-saw boards to launch your marbles. 12 marbles and a multi colour board.

The idea is to try and get your marbles, decorated like a mouse into the corresponding color holes on the board to keep it safe from the pussycats.

Size: 20cm x 20cm x 4cm

Material: Wood childsafe paint marbles.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "Great fun and a challenge to master. "

Weight: 0.45kg

Brand: Top Bright

Model: BT120173

Barcode: 6939838142955
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