Wooden Toy Music Box Noah's Ark

is a delightful wind-up clockwork music box with 2 magnetic animals that spin and dance on music boxes wooden top. This clockwork music box is painted a beautiful blue with green feet and on the boxes side is a depiction of Noah with his animals on an ark. This music box plays

Mary Had a Little Lamb

The 2 animals which spin when this music box is wound up are a happy zebra and tiger. The 2 animals have a rounded base and inside the base hidden from view and safely secured are magnets. Inside the music box, also hidden and safe, are 2 magnets attached to the clockwork motor. As the motor runs the the magnets make the wooden animals turn and spin. This is a beautifully made wooden music box that is finished to a high standard. It is really fun to see the animals spinning and dancing and toddlers love to watch them turn. Music is vitally important to a toddlers development and learning tunes and dancing along is really stimulated by this sweet little musical toy.

Size: Base is 10 x 10 x 9cm Magnetic animals 4 x 4 x 5cm

Material: Wood childsafe paint, clockwork motor, hidden magnets.

Age: 24 months +

We like this because: "Who knows maybe your toddler will learn to whistle along"

Weight: 0.35kg

Brand: Koala Dream

Model: MI118

Barcode: 6901383061616
Wooden Music Box Noah\'s Ark
Wooden Music Box Noah\'s Ark Detail
Wooden Music Box Noah\'s Ark Detail-Two
Wooden Music Box Noah\'s Ark Detail-Three
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Wooden Music Box Noah's Ark

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