Music Sets - Wooden Castanets & Bell Rattles

Music and maths are intertwined. Songs are made up of beats and notes, tapping out a beat allows a child to hear and feel a number.
A Wooden drum is an ideal way to let a child experience hands-on what beating out a number sounds and feels like. Getting kids to repeat patterns of sound with a triangle or bell rattle helps connect and co-ordinate their brain and hands. Making music with others fosters co-operation and well being. Wooden music sets provide a group of musical instruments that can be shared so children can all play together, learning to keep time and follow instructions.

Wooden Music Boxes & Whistles

History shows us that music has been part of the human experience from our very primitive beginnings. Music has a deeply positive effect on our brains and mood, stress levels and general enjoyment of life. Our bodies are governed by the rhythmic beating of our hearts. Music is all around and within us, we use it to sooth a small baby in the form of a sung lullaby or a clockwork music box, we celebrate birthdays with a song, blow whistles and trumpets at events and sing along to our favorite tunes on the radio. There is no better way to stimulate and start your children's relationship with music than with a wooden music toy.
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