Wooden Personalised Name Train Engine This sweet little wooden toy engine is the first part of our personalised alphabet name train. Carriages carrying letters A to Z can be attached behind it to create the name of a child or to just display the alphabet. Available letters are purchased separately so you can spell out whatever you desire. The letters to add to the train can all be found here.

Name Train Letters & Symbols A - Z

This little wooden train engine is made with high quality Beech wood and is unpainted so you can really see the unique grain of the wood. The train and letters are a lovely decoration for a bedroom as well as having a great educational purpose. Toddlers can arrange and rearrange the letters to try and spell out their name. The train has a little metal hook where the carriages can be attached. This is a wonderful christening gift or a way to commemorate any special event. Personalising a child's toy is really special. Imagine at Christmas time pulling a train from your stocking and the Elves have spelt out your name! Apart from the entire alphabet on carriages there is also a love heart, the & symbol and a caboose or guard carriage.

Size: 7 cm long x 6 cm high x 4 cm wide

Material: Wood , metal hook.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "A wonderful gift and decoration. Very well made."

Weight: 0.03kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: NG22556ENGINE

Barcode: 6941255055626
Wooden Name Train Engine
Wooden Name Train Engine Detail

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The Wooden Name Train Engine and Letter carriages were well built but just a bit smaller than I had expected. They were probably the right size for a 1yr old's hand to handle though. I thought it a special individual gift for a 4th child where the family already have so many toys. ...

Rated by Diane Brownley
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