Wooden Pick Up Sticks

is a classic game nicely presented in a cylindrical tin. This set comes with the classic 41 wooden sticks broken into blue, black, yellow, green and red all with different point values.

Pick up Sticks sometimes known as Mikado or Jack Straws is a very ancient game attributed to both the Chinese and Native Americans. This set also comes with a wooden ring which can be placed around the sticks and quickly removed when you spread the sticks at the start of the game. The inclusion of a dice with colored dots allows you to play a game alone where you roll the dice and then have to remove the color stick your roll indicates. The rule are as follows.

Point Value Of Sticks.
  • Black 20 pts 1
  • Blue 10 pts 5
  • Green 5 pts 5
  • Yellow 3 pts 15
  • Red 2 pts 15
Bundle the sticks together in the wooden ring or just in your hand. When the sticks touch the table let them go so the spread out.
Take out one stick at a time without moving other sticks. If a player moves a stick it is then the other players turn.
When all the sticks are removed and claimed add up the number of points based on the stick color.
There are many variations to the rules and point value of pick up sticks but the above is the basic concept... Enjoy this wonderful traditional wooden game

Size: Tin is 17 cm long with a 7cm diameter.

Material: Wood, Water based Child-safe paint, Tin, Sticks have blunt ends.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "A classic fun game well presented in a lovely tin."

Weight: 0.16kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: R-NG22247

Barcode: 6941255022475
Wooden Pick-Up Sticks in Tin
Wooden Pick-Up Sticks in Tin Detail
Wooden Pick-Up Sticks in Tin Detail-Two

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Wooden Pick-Up Sticks in Tin

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