Wooden Bowling Game Pirate Skittles

is a set of 6 colorful wooden skittles and wooden ball all ready for a trip to your home ten pin bowling alley. This bowling game is ideal for indoor use and the pirates stand up easily on good sized bases. Bowling games are fantastic for hand eye co-ordination and this kids wooden bowling set is a lovely version of this classic game. The pirate skittles are made from quality wood and each one is a different character they are very detailed and have hats, eye patches and scars. Each pirate has a different colored shirt and pants and big smiley faces.

These wooden skittles stand 8cm high and the bowling ball has a 4.5cm diameter. So now you can set up your skittles in the classic triangle form and try to knock them all over or maybe put them in a line and say which one you are going to knock over. You can play all sorts of games that assist learning, for instance you can identify a pirate by color or what clothes they are wearing. "Try to knock over the pirate with the eye-patch" or "The one with the red shirt". Counting and color recognition are just a couple of the great learning benefits of this kids bowling set which is safety tested to all Australian safety standards.

Size: 9 cm tall Ball has 4.5cm diameter.

Material: Wood childsafe paint.

Age: 2 +

We like this because: "Great version of classic wooden bowling games. Very happy looking pirates "

Weight: 0.30kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: NG22107-6

Barcode: 6941255021072
Wooden Pirate Skittles
Wooden Pirate Skittles Detail
Wooden Pirate Skittles Detail-Two
Wooden Pirate Skittles Detail-Three
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Wooden Pirate Skittles

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