Wooden Puppet Theatre Red Velvet Curtains
Wooden Puppet Theatre with Red Velvet Curtains. Here is a fantastic, colourful toy for all those theatrical escapades. It comes complete with Red Velvet Curtains which can be drawn aside and held in place with yellow cords.

This is a lovely big Puppet Theater which is ideal for glove and finger puppets. In fact there is plenty of space to fit your whole head behind the curtain so if your little one wants to perform they can.

Puppet Theatres are a fantastic way for your child to role play and this lovely Puppet Theatre will provide a great tool to get those imaginations working

Size: 65cm x 54cm x 23cm

Material: Wood, Child-safe paint, Velvet curtain, Cotton Cord .

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "It's a great size and is just begging to house performance after performance"

Model: 58312

Barcode: 6934510583125

This is a really lovely puppet theatre. It's not large- it'll sit on a bench top or coffee table and ...

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Wooden Puppet Theatre Red Velvet Curtains
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