Wooden Pushing Snail Toy

has lovely big bug eyes and is finished with bold bright colours.

This push along toy has a handle which screws into the base so your little one can push it along as they walk. Or you can remove the stick and just use it as a normal push toy.

As the wheels turn this snails shell rotates and small balls jumble around inside making a satisfying rain like sound.

A great toy that can be packed away into a small space because the screw together handle.

** This little push-a-long works best on carpet. **

Size: Snail is 15cm long x 8cm wide. handle length 43cm.

Material: Wood, Child -safe paint. Plastic rotating shell.

Age: 2 +

We like this because: "Simple design and very nicely finished and makes a satisfying noise without driving you nuts."

Weight: 26.00kg


Barcode: 6901382077090

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Wooden Pushing Snail Toy
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Wooden Pushing Snail Toy

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