Wooden Puzzle Cube Game

is a great game to help develop spacial awareness, logic and fine motor skills.. it's fun too.

Players have to place specific colored blocks onto the included grid pattern cards and make them fit. They will only fit in one way and the blocks have to be manipulated to fill the empty spaces.

The game comes with 12 wooden blocks of different colors and shapes and 10 cards of varying skill levels.

Each card has a number of possible games which need to be completed. There is also a 16 page instruction booklet with answers ( I would hide that )

Size: Box size 24 x 2 x 10cm, 16 page booklet with instructions and answers.

Material: Wood with child-safe paint. Wipe clean cards

Age: 3+ upwards

We like this because: "A really nice challenge and great you can play it alone."

Weight: 1.30kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TF280

Barcode: 6972633370918
Wooden Puzzle Cube Game
Wooden Puzzle Cube Game Detail
Wooden Puzzle Cube Game Detail-Two
Wooden Puzzle Cube Game Detail-Three
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Wooden Puzzle Cube Game

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