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Wooden Slide Whistle

This sounds just like the noise you hear in cartoons when someone falls over. Really fun instrument.

Rated by Jo Stewart

A fun toy - not too noisy! A great stocking filler.

Rated by Miriam Evans

I bought the wooden slide whistles for my 2 grandchildren because it's pay back time and I want the kids to annoy their parents, like we were annoyed when our kids were little. I will enjoy sending the kids home with the whistles. I just hope I don't hear that the whistles were accidently broken the next day!

Rated by Judy Pavey

This is going to make a fun stocking filler!

Rated by Bonnie Gibbons

My 4 year old and my 1 year old both love this. My 1 year old especially loves it because he can easily make a sound with it. I’m pleasantly surprised how good this is and how much my kids love it.

Rated by Sheridan Song
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