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Wooden Toy Christmas Nativity Set

A much loved set in our house. Has some minor paint damage due to rough play but then again we have concrete floors. Highly recommend this set. Cute, fun and pretty tough.

Rated by Sheana Guthrie

Away in a manger..... This is not only a beautiful looking set but sturdily crafted! The baby Jesus is separate from the crib which is great for play, and the generous scenery pieces and animals add to the fun! My children can't wait until December arrives and the Nativity set is out for countless reenactments of the story of Christmas. A truly robust and gorgeous once off purchase!

Rated by Lisa McKeon

This set makes the characters of the Christmas story a living and interactive experience for children. They are able to reenact the story they hear in their own way or make up different stories about the characters. This is a firm favourite for my children 3 through 9 years of age. Our set is five years old but I can see it potentially reaching the next generation. I love giving it as a Christmas gift to young families.

Rated by Mary-Ellen feeney

This set is gorgeous and really well made. My three children (aged 6, 4 and 1) love playing with it and re-enacting the Christmas story. It has been thrown around a bit and proved to be very hardy!

Rated by Jodie Gray

This is a lovely nativity set which my children have already enjoyed setting up to go under our tree. Their only question is 'Where are the other shepherds?' Fewer animals and three shepherds instead of 1 would make it even better.

Rated by Clare Henry

Fast delivery & perfect condition. Kids love playing with nativity set & making up their own stories. Also it looks lovely under tree. Lots of comments from visitors. Thanks

Rated by Kristy Wong

Great service and fast shipping - and the Nativity is fantastic to, very well made and it looks lovely all set up. Very happy with this purchase.

Rated by Kobi O'Toole

A beautifully colourful and attractive nativity set which brings the true meaning of Christmas to everyone in an otherwise world of rampant commercialism.

Rated by Catherine Nickson

I bought this beautiful wooden crib for my God Daughter and her big sister in Sydney. As I live in Ireland I ordered it on line and the elves made it in no time and had it delivered to them in Sydney less than a week after I placed my order. I received lovely photos of my God Daughter and her sister playing with this lovely colourful nativity crib. They love it. It's Such an exciting way to bring the real meaning of Christmas to a toddler. Aparrently they think baby Jesus is very "cute!" And have already spent hours playing with it and dramatising the Christmas story. I would highly recommend both the company and the nativity crib and the amazing elves who crafted it !!

Rated by Jillian Monahan

Lovely gift that never grows old. Adored by my children

Rated by Melissa Sang

I purchased this little set for my two year old. She absolutely adored it. It was definitely a Christmas hit. Thank you so much!

Rated by Michelle pozzi

Just love this nativity set. I have bought a few now and each family that has received them has just loved it. The are the next generation family heirlooms

Rated by monique stein

This is an adorable nativity set, perfect for little hands and very well made. I can't wait to put it on display for my two year old this Christmas.

Rated by Kirsten Podlich

This is a gorgeous sturdy toy that is brilliant as a playset or as a lovely Christmas ornament for a family home. Fast delivery, highly recommended.

Rated by Brigid Joblin
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