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Wooden Toy Coffee Maker
Wooden Toy Coffee Maker Detail
Wooden Toy Coffee Maker is a beautifully made wooden kitchen toy that allows your little one to brew an imaginary mug of coffee.

This toy comes with a plastic mug and a removable disk / coffee pod which slots into the top, just like the real thing.

The knob on the Coffee Makers side turns and makes a very satisfying "clak clak" sound.

The disk / pod is inserted after you open the little hatch on the top / front of the machine.

There is also a push button on the top to start the pretend brewing process.

Size: 21 x 19.5 x 11cm

Material: Wood, Child-safe paint, varnish, Plastic Mug.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "A wonderful pretend play toy."
Weight: 1.50kg

Brand: Viga Toys

Model: 50234

Barcode: 6934510502348

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Another great purchase - Thanks ...

Rated by Annikka Packham

Great toy. Good quality, moving parts and coffee beans. My daughter loves it. ...

Rated by Bridie Harris

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