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Wooden Toy Construction Set

Excellent Quality!! Smooth finish! My 3&6 yr olds love it!! Cars, robots bugs or planes they are always building with this. Only complaint would be I should have bought one each for my kids!! Great set for the price!

Rated by Lee Moore

When our nephew opened this on Christmas day he wasn't too sure but 5 minutes in and he has been building robots and cars ever since!

Rated by marc horner

I ordered a toy for my baby brother's first birthday. He love it. I love playing with it too. It goes away nicely in it's box. And we can see the pieces through the clear lid.

Rated by Liselle Beaumont

Great construction set. Amazing to see what my 4 year old grandson makes with it.

Rated by Debra Connolly

A wonderful ,brightly coloured set that will be enjoyed for many years. Very well made.

Rated by Robyn Taylor

The gears are very smooth, and my nephew loves the colors in them. Simple and effective - Wil surely recommend this toy!

Rated by Arvind Deivasigamani

Beautifully made, enough pieces to encourage creativity...and best yet, a good solid box for packing away ease...therefore one very happy Ma

Rated by Jenny Macaulay

Thank you so much for delivering the wonderful Wooden Toy Construction Set to my little nephews all the way up in Carnavon, they absolutely love it and sent me beautiful photos of their first of many creations.

Rated by Raquel Bebbington

Beautiful quality toy. My 2.5 years loves it. We're having a great time working together to make little constructions. Will Be enjoyed for many years to come.

Rated by Wendy Brouwer

My 3yr old boy loves this.. Fast delivery ..

Rated by Kristin Eagle

Very well made and the Grandson shall have hours of fun making all different types of vehicles

Rated by Vina Cannon

I bought this for my 5 and 3 year old boys. They love it. They have spent many hours "working on important business." I only wish I bought two, as they love it so much.

Rated by Katrina Noel

Can’t wait for my grandson to open this on Christmas Day. I’ve already had s play around with it and everything goes together really well

Rated by Sonia Thacker

The pieces are a good size for little hands. Easy to turn screws and excellent conversation starter with little one.

Rated by Alexander Price
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