Wooden Toy Construction Set Trucks

is a high quality construction set with 95 wooden pieces, wooden screwdriver, spanner and endless possibilities. This striking building set has 28 chunky screws of different lengths and 28 bolts to secure them. There are 4 solid wooden wheels a scoop and big roller. The included instructions will help your toddler builder make the front end loader, steam roller and fork lift. This is a great way to learn how the set works and inspire their own creations. The construction set has a good number of pieces so many combinations and inventions are possible.

This toy truck construction set is also compatible with our DIY plane construction set so you can combine the 2 and really let your imagination run wild. Imagine a flying front end loader! The construction set is painted with non-toxic paint and is a very striking yellow, black and grey. This combined with some natural wood parts really makes your creation stand out. The set comes complete with a wooden spanner and screw driver so your toddler can learn to hold the screws in place with the screw driver and tighten with the spanner. This is a fantastic way to develop those fine motor skills. This set stimulates your kids ability to go from imagining an object to turning it into a 3 dimensional reality. Your little engineer will love this wooden construction set.

Size: Box is 41 x 27 x 8.5cm, screwdriver is 14cm

Material: Wood childsafe paint.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "beautiful quality, large number of pieces high quality set"

Weight: 2.50kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TKF035

Barcode: 6970090048661
Wooden Toy Construction Set Trucks
Wooden Toy Construction Set Trucks Detail
Wooden Toy Construction Set Trucks Detail-Two
Wooden Toy Construction Set Trucks Detail-Three
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Wooden Toy Construction Set Trucks

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