This Wooden Doll Pram

is a beautifully made stroller with lovely red sides and natural varnished wood handles and wheels

Dolls and Teddies will be very comfortable on it's padded checked pillow and mattress.

A great toy pram with rubber inserts on the wheels so it's quiet on wooden floors and also cant slip side ways if the pusher is not to steady on their small feet.

The Doll Buggy Pram comes flat packed and is very easy to assemble.

Size: Height is 50cm the Buggy carriage is 32cm by 50cm

Material: Wood with Cotton Pillow and Mattress, Child Safe Paint .

Age: 2 +

We like this because: "Children love pushing dolls and teddies around and this is a beautiful Buggy to do it in."

Weight: 3.78kg

Brand: Viga Toys

Model: 59215VG

Barcode: 6934510592158
Wooden Toy Doll Buggy Pram

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Wooden Toy Doll Buggy Pram

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