Wooden Toy Fairy Bowling Game

has 1 ball and 6 wooden skittles each individually decorated as a fairy. This wooden bowling game for kids is beautifully made and the detail fantastic. Each fairy has its own colour scheme and personality topped off with a cute hat or hair in bobbles. Some of the fairies even have little net wings. Each skittle stands 8.5cm high and has a nice wide base so they stand up easily. The wooden ball has a 4.5cm diameter.

This bowling game is ideal for indoor use and is a really engaging little toy for you toddler with the added benefit of being excellent for fine motor skills and teaching the difference between rolling a ball softly or with force. Educationally you can use this toy to teach color and shapes. "Knock over the skittle with the yellow hat." or "Can you arrange the skittles into a triangle. A sweet little wooden bowling game that also looks lovely on a child's shelf in their room. Please note that colors may vary.

Size:8.5cm tall Ball has 4.5cm diameter.

Material: Wood child-safe paint.

Age: 2 +

We like this because: "So beautifully detailed and the little nets wings are awesome."

Weight: 0.30kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: NG22254

Barcode: 6941255022543
Wooden Toy Fairy Bowling Game
Wooden Toy Fairy Bowling Game Detail
Wooden Toy Fairy Bowling Game Detail-Two
Wooden Toy Fairy Bowling Game Detail-Three
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Wooden Toy Fairy Bowling Game

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