Wooden Toy Activity Centre

is a large wooden educational toy which encourages exploration for babies and toddlers with 6 activities on a strong beautifully finished farm themed cube. On one surface of the cube there is a set of 9 flip over squares with numbers on one side and corresponding images on the other side. The next side has a clock with movable hands. This clock is colour coded with nice big numbers. Another side has slots cut out and round pegs can be slid along the cut out tracks. The final side is a set of interlocking gears which can be twisted and turned.

The top, which can be removed, is a classic bead maze with shapes for little fingers to push and explore. In the centre of the maze is a round mirror so your little one can see themselves and pull all sorts of faces.

The top can be removed and turned upside down making storage easy and also as an interesting puzzle that makes the maze disappear.

This is a beautifully made classic wooden toy with a very high quality finish which will last through generations of play. This wonderful wooden toy meets or exceeds all Australian safety standards.

We are particularly taken by the bright colours used to decorate this toy A very refreshing change from a lot of the grey colour schemes emerging on the market today.

Size:29 x 52 x 29cm

Material: Wood childsafe paint

Age:12 months plus

We like this because: "A classic beautifully made and very attractive eye catching finish ."

Weight: 10.00kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TL728

Barcode: 6972633370284
Wooden Toy Farm Activity Centre
Wooden Toy Farm Activity Centre Detail
Wooden Toy Farm Activity Centre Detail-Two
Wooden Toy Farm Activity Centre Detail-Three
Wooden Toy Triangle Activity Centre
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Wooden Toy Farm Activity Centre

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