Wooden Toy Stationery Stocking Fillers

is a lovely colourful collection of useful wooden stationery items.

This set consists of...
2 springy pencil toppers.
Australian themed pencil sharpener.
Springy sea life pencil.
6 jungle life paper clips.
8 wooden sea life stickers.
Magnetic insect clip.
African animal stapler.
18cm farm ruler and last but not least a Spiral bound mini notebook.

This is a great little set which will inspire all sorts of drawing, measuring, note taking and clipping together.

** Toy types are as pictured but colours and animal / character types may vary.**

Size: Ruler is 18 cm long note book is 8 x 8cm

Material: Wood Child-safe paint, Metal Stapler, Magnet, Metal springs

Age: 3 +

We like because: "Lovely set of bright happy practical toys.... and who can resist stationery! "

Weight: 26.00kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz


Barcode: 6941255021683
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Wooden Toy Stationery Stocking Fillers

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