Wooden Toy Triangle Activity Centre

is a multi purpose wooden educational toy for babies and toddlers with 5 tactile and sensory activities arranged around a strong and smooth triangular wooden frame. At one end of the frame we find a drawing of a head with a round mirror where the face should be. A baby or toddler laying on the ground can see their face reflected back at them. On the other end there is a clock with moving hands which are labelled minute and hour. This clock is color coded and also has a ring showing seconds. One of the 3 surfaces of the triangle has curved and angled slots cut out. The curved slot has a car which can be slid back and forth following the curves. Below this is a zig-zag where your toddler can push a crab back, forth and up and down. The next side has 4 brightly colored cogs and gears which can be turned and spun. The gears all lock together and turning one makes all the others go in different directions. The final side is an abacus with 5 rows of 10 wooden beads.

This is a beautifully designed wooden educational toy that that will provide lots of stimulation and learning opportunities for your toddler or baby. This toy activity centre grows with your child. A baby will simply enjoy fiddling with all the parts whereas an older child will begin to learn to count and tell the time. The triangular shape of this wooden activity centre means whichever way your child manages to place it or turn it there will always be something to engage and be surprised by. This wonderful wooden toy meets or exceeds all Australian safety standards.

Size: 23 x 23 x 21cm

Material: Wood childsafe paint

Age: 18 months plus

We like this because: "Very well designed multi purpose toy with both very small and older children in mind."

Weight: 3.80kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TKC509

Barcode: 6970090046841
Wooden Toy Triangle Activity Centre
Wooden Toy Triangle Activity Centre Detail
Wooden Toy Triangle Activity Centre Detail-Two
Wooden Toy Triangle Activity Centre Detail-Three
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Wooden Toy Triangle Activity Centre

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