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Wooden Toys Magnetic Fishing Game
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Excellent toy that my 4yo & 6yo boys both love. We've had this for almost 2 years now and it's still one of they're favourites!

Rated by Nicole Lewis

My four year old grandson absolutely loves the magnetic fishing game. The other ones are for gifts, yet to be given.

Rated by Cheryl Threlfall

I bought three of them, for educational and fishing fanatic purposes in our family. They are delightful, and sturdy, hopefully my three grand nieces, and me will be playing with them for many years to come.

Rated by Jennifer Meyer

Great game that requires concentration and provides lots of learning opportunities.

Rated by Rebecca Ward

Great game, My grandkids love it. Arrived superfast

Rated by Sherrill Griffin

I am very happy with the quality of the product. The fishes are painted in bright colours and it is very easy for little hands to use.

Rated by Tracy Cary

This is so special our wee Grandson is getting this for Xmas. His Grandad is a very keen fisherman so I guess it will be used very often. Your toys (and we have many) are safe, colourful and will last forever and be enjoyed by all ages. Thanks for most important SAFE TOYS .

Rated by Robyn Millar

Thank you for sending the fishing game so quickly. It’s really made well I am happy with it. Cheers.

Rated by Lynette Mule

A very well made colourful wooden toy.

Rated by Linda Love

I have no idea how our little 3 year old Grandson would like the Fishing Game. He played with it and we did as well of course for over 2 hours. He would not leave it alone. He loved it and he is starting to read numbers etc and he would turn the fish over and put the numbers in order. It is an awesome toy.

Rated by Carol Sheehan

Such excitement when the box containing the fishing game arrived. It’s a smash hit with my two and a half year old grandson and one that can happily be used for years. Thank you for easy delivery too. Darwin address can sometimes be a challenge.

Rated by Susan Littlechild

Hi, I have bought a few things from My Wooden Toys and they are all beautifully made and so educational, My children and grandchildren have all grown up with wooden toys. The latest magnetic fishing game is a gift for a 1st birthday, I'm sure my girlfriend will get many hours of fun playing with her little boy. Can't say enough about My Wooden Toys and their products and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them again and again Just love your products

Rated by Ann Hanson

This will be the first "family gift" of a game for us all to share from Santa. I expect our 2 year old to love it and the quality is amazing.

Rated by Mark Lampard

My son was given this toy at age 1 and soon figured it out. It remains a real favourite and is played with regularly.

Rated by Michelle Harten
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