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Wooden Toys Magnetic Fishing Game

Excellent toy that my 4yo & 6yo boys both love. We've had this for almost 2 years now and it's still one of they're favourites!

Rated by Nicole Lewis

My son was given this toy at age 1 and soon figured it out. It remains a real favourite and is played with regularly.

Rated by Michelle Harten

This game has been enjoyed by all our grandchildren. Part of the pleasure is in assembling the fish pond, which takes planning and coordination to ensure the fish are on the outside and you have the slots the right way up. They love seeing how many fish they can catch on one hook. The fish have also appeared in shop games. Sorting the fish by number and colour is also part of the fun. The fishing game is a sturdy, attractive and fun game which I highly recommend.

Rated by Margaret Davidson

Excellent toy! Great way to start family games. Even putting the box together my boys love.

Rated by Sarah Gladman

I got this for my son and he just loves it :-) fantastic quality and great number and colour learning game :-)

Rated by Amber Kendall

Yet again, another excellent toy! My children love it. The quality of your toys is always great.

Rated by Dianne Rumoro

My grandson (and I) LOVED this game ... we spend hours "fishing". I like the fact that he can "grow into" it as he gets older by fishing in order of colours or numbers; at the moment however, the most fish win! Very prompt service and constant tracking advice from this company as well - can highly recommend. Thank you.

Rated by Vicki Hilder

My son got this for his 4th Birthday and it was his favourite gift. It's lovely!

Rated by Jenna Rowe

As a child, I had one of those plastic magnetic fishing games, but this one is so much better! It's a great size for young children and really good quality. I was so excited to show my husband this game as he is an avid fisher, and I can't wait to see my daughter and husband playing it together!

Rated by Kate Falk

I recently purchased the Magnetic Fishing Game to play with my granddaughter 2yrs. It's a fun way to encourage the development of her hand eye coordination and 'turn taking' skills as well. The game is beautifully finished and the magnets in the fish and rods are good quality, so it isn't too tricky for her to 'catch' one. The fish are made in a variety of colours and also have numbers on them, so there will be endless games to create with her using the Magnetic Fishing Game as she gets older.

Rated by Barbara Ferris

Boy did this toy bring back memories of my childhood fishing with my younger brother cannot wait to give this to my grandson at Christmas

Rated by Diana Newman

This will be the first "family gift" of a game for us all to share from Santa. I expect our 2 year old to love it and the quality is amazing.

Rated by Mark Lampard

Hi, I have bought a few things from My Wooden Toys and they are all beautifully made and so educational, My children and grandchildren have all grown up with wooden toys. The latest magnetic fishing game is a gift for a 1st birthday, I'm sure my girlfriend will get many hours of fun playing with her little boy. Can't say enough about My Wooden Toys and their products and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them again and again Just love your products

Rated by Ann Hanson

My four year old grandson absolutely loves the magnetic fishing game. The other ones are for gifts, yet to be given.

Rated by Cheryl Threlfall
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