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Wooden Toys Pop Up Toaster

This is such a simple toy, but gets used a lot. My 2 year old will pull it out whenever I'm making toast. He likes to pretend he's doing it too. Very sturdy construction and perfect for little hands to operate.

Rated by Michelle Harten

Just bought this for my 4 year old. Love the dial and the way the toast pops when you lift the lever. Fantastic toaster.

Rated by sarah walker

This was bought for my nieces but EVERY kid wanted to play with this when it was opened. They loved the dial and pieces of toast and that they could put the toast in the toaster. A great toy that will get a lot of use!

Rated by Lyndle Flewellen

Beautifully crafted, great addition to the pretend play kitchen. Great value for money! Thank you.

Rated by Erin Hill

The toaster allows the toast pieces to "pop" up. The detail in these toys is excellent.

Rated by Bridie Harris
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