Wooden Toys Tap a Pic
Tap a Pic Set has colourful wooden pieces with holes drilled through them, so they can be held to the cork board with a metal tack.

Over 50 pieces in various shapes and colours are included, along with the cork board, tacks and one little wooden hammer.

This is a fantastic toy to help with those fine motor skills. It's really fun to create pictures from all the geometric shapes. You can copy the included pictures or make your own. The tacs have large heads so they are easy to hit and hammer or push into the cork.

Size: The Cork board is 27cm x 20cm. The Hammer is 14cm long. The Tacs are just over 1cm long. Wooden Box with Perspex sliding lid is 29cm x 23cm x 5cm

Material: Wood, Cork, Metal Tacs

Age: 5 upwards. 4 with constant adult supervision

We like this because: "It's really fun being allowed to hammer in nails"

Weight: 1.80kg

Brand: Fun Factory

Model: SH1005

Barcode: 2913123102897

This is a great toy for children who love construction or creating objects. This toy allows the children to explore ...

Rated by Crystal Mawhinney

This is one of my favourite toys of all time. It holds my son's attention for ages. It's fun enough ...

Rated by Christa Buckler

Average user rating 5/5
based on 7 ratings.

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