Wooden Toys Tap Tap Set

has 82 colourful wooden pieces which can be arranged and rearranged into a myriad of patterns and pictures.

The set comes with cards which suggest different images to create with.

This is a fantastic toy to help with those fine motor skills. It's really fun to create pictures from all the geometric shapes. The pins have large heads so they are easy to hit and hammer or push into the cork.

Size: The Cork board is a 21cm square. The Hammer is 17cm long.

Material: Wood, Cork, Metal Pins

Age: 4 + small pins please have constant adult supervision

We like this because: "A great safe way to hammer and create"

Weight: 0.80kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: TH155

Barcode: 6972633371557
Wooden Toys Tap Tap Set
Wooden Toys Tap Tap Set Detail
Wooden Toys Tap Tap Set Detail-Two
Wooden Toys Tap Tap Set Detail-Three
Wooden Toys Tap a Pic
Wooden Mosaic Octagon Puzzle
Wooden Copy Picture Shape Puzzle
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Wooden Toys Tap Tap Set

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