Wooden Xylophone Fifteen Tone is a fifteen note multi-coloured musical instrument with a lovely tone.

This Xylophone is a toy but has been tuned so each note progresses up or down from the one next to it.

A lovely wooden toy this xylophone is well finished.

The Xylophone comes with two wooden beaters and has a lovely gentle pitch.

Size: 42cm long, longest key is 23cm.

Material: Wood, Child-Safe paint.

Age: 3+

We like this because: "A really good sound."

Weight: 1.30kg

Brand: Koala Dream

Model: MI144

Barcode: 9354963003297
Wooden Xylophone Fifteen Tone
Wooden Xylophone Fifteen Tone Detail
Wooden Xylophone Fifteen Tone Detail-Two
Wooden Xylophone Fifteen Tone Detail-Three

Average user rating 4/5
based on 13 ratings.

The sound made by this xylophone is really great for a toy. Compared to the more chunky xylophone though it isn't as nicely finished. The bars aren't painted underneath and the wood is rougher. But as it is for older children the sound quality more than makes up for it. ...

Rated by Michelle Harten

Great quality, nice and colourful. This xylophone sounds great too, no annoying sounds. Good size, so will last through the different ages. ...

Rated by Natasha Grant

Lovely sounding xylophone, entertaining for bubs and adults alike! ...

Rated by Lucienne Steel

Great quality, sound and price! Its hard to find an all wood xylophone that doesn't cost $$$. My 6 yr old loves it. We even found some music on the internet and play by colours! ...

Rated by Lee Moore

This xylophone has been very popular - it sounds great and our toddler got the hang of it very quickly. It even fit into a Christmas stocking once out of the box! ...

Rated by Kristie Martin

A beautiful resource for children. The colours are vibrant and tones of the instrument are accurate and a pleasant sound. I am pleased with the product ...

Rated by Fiona Keane

What fun this is, beautifully coloured and the noise is a delight, not too tinny sounding, I guess because of the wood. Also, didn't break when someone decided to walk on it. Very pleased. ...

Rated by Bev Edwards

Beautifully made, with lovely colours, a smooth finish, and surprisingly almost completely in tune! Has been an absolute winner in our house! ...

Rated by Melanie Fentoullis

Nice tone and good amount of notes - can't wait to give this to my 3yo for Christmas! ...

Rated by Katherine Neuendorf

This is beautiful love the colours - lovely sound too ...

Rated by Vicki Coleman

A lovely instrument - well made and sturdy, as well as colourful. ...

Rated by Mark Lampard

At last I have a robust toy that can be musically smashed for hours. Joy for all! ...

Rated by Sally Williamson

Yes I bought two xylophones ready for Christmas gifts for my granddaughters and i can’t wait for them to play with them. ...

Rated by Yvette Jennings
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