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World Flag Wooden Memory Game

This is a really lovely memory game that is super fun and educational at the same time. It has helped both my son and I to learn the flags of different countries without really trying and has really helped to get my son interested in learning about different countries. It's really nice to play memory with the wooden 'cards' and they have held up very well over the couple of years we have had them. I highly recommend this product.

Rated by Ashley Dell

A great educational game. Fun way to learn the flags of different countries. Good quality.

Rated by Natasha Grant

World Flag Wooden Memory Game, ok so this one was not for the grandkids but for me so hopefully I will be better with my works weekly trivia quiz. Shhhh.

Rated by Val Waylen

An exciting addition to our toy collection... Especially around Olympics time!!

Rated by Melanie Fentoullis

World Flag Wooden Memory Game. My 4 year old grandson loves this game. He loves flags and was happy to be able to name some of the countries where the flags come from. Educational and fun for the whole family.

Rated by Diane Dunlop

My daughter loves this and regularly challenges her parents to a game.

Rated by Rebecca Kilfoyle

This was a hit Xmas present for my 5yo. Great game, inexpensive and fun way to learn country flags - our whole family plays (usually in teams including my nearly 3yo)

Rated by Sarah Carstens

This memory game is fun to play. It is even better to learn the world flags. The children love to test each other on naming the countries. I love to have more sets with different flags.

Rated by Natalie Pescud

world flag wooden memory game. Children enjoyed very much playing and learning about the different country flags.

Rated by jessica Ruiz
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