Mini Wooden Fidget Puzzle Multi-Colour

is a little fun fiddly wooden toy made up of 18 x 1.3cm cubes all held together with a piece of elastic through their centres.

All the cubes have slots in them so the blocks can only be placed next to one another if the elastic can find a slot to sit in.

So you have to fiddle and twist to manipulate it into the shape you desire.

This is a cute little toy but very addictive and entertaining for its size.

Wonderful quiet toy for kids who need to fiddle.

Size: 23.5cm all extended.

Material: Wood Child-safe paint, Elastic

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "All sorts of fun shapes can be made."

Brand: Fun Factory

Model: N50526

Barcode: 6901382077090
Mini Wooden Fidget Puzzle Multi Colour

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Mini Wooden Fidget Puzzle Coloured
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Mini Wooden Fidget Puzzle Multi Colour

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