Wooden Toy Stacking Rings is a classic infants toy that is bright and colorful with large wooden pieces. This wooden stacking toy has 3 uprights attached to the base and 16 colourful geometric wooden shapes with holes in their centres which can be placed onto and over the uprights to create towers

This geometric stacking toy has many educational benefits and will help your toddler learn colours, geometric shapes and sequencing from smallest to largest. The shapes can be placed in any order on the uprights and they can be mixed up between the 3 different towers. You can then play the game of sorting them out and getting them all in the right order. Finished with child-safe paint the stacking toy is strong, durable and will survive all the knocks that your little one can hand out. This is a lovely toys to start teaching your little one about different sizes and colours. It's also just fun. As with all our toys it meets or exceeds all Australian safety standards

Size: Base size is 29 x 9 x 2cm height of towers 21cm

Material:Wood & Child-Safe Paint.

Age: 18 months +

We like this because: "Getting all the pieces in the right order is a real achievement and needs lots of applause."

Weight: 0.80kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TKF008A

Barcode: 6970090044564
Wooden Toy Stacking Rings
Wooden Toy Stacking Rings Detail
Wooden Toy Stacking Rings Detail-Two
Wooden Toy Stacking Rings Detail-Three

Average user rating 5/5
based on 11 ratings.

This was one of my early purchases for my toddler. I bought it when she was under one year old. The hand eye coordination practice it provides is brilliant and it's fun to watch as the little tots become more purposeful and more successful in their attempts to getting the rings on the stick. Great for colour recognition, size and order teaching as well. ...

Rated by Lisa Castles

Both our children have played with this from a very young age. Love to watch them concentrating on getting the rings on the stick - the size of the rings seems perfect for little hands. Our older child now loves stacking them in all different orders - size, rainbow, upside down - it's great! ...

Rated by Kerryn Rudder

Bright, fun and easy to use. Bought it for my daughters rehabilitation and is a challenge for her in numerous ways. ...

Rated by Jennifer Zimmermann

My one year old granddaughter loves her infant rainbow stacker. She spends ages taking the wooden discs off and putting them back on again. ...

Rated by Sue Juides

A beautiful toy which will be well used and loved. ...

Rated by Bridie Harris

Absolutely love this toy - very colourful and great for hand eye coordination. This toy will get a lot of use by Jack. ...

Rated by Jennifer Harrison

Unlike some other models of this toy, the rings are very light and quite small, which make them a perfect size and weight for our one year old to pick up. ...

Rated by Suzanne Weston

My grandson has had lots of fun with the Rainbow Stacker toy. The rings are great for learning colour names and they encourage sorting by size as he stacks biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest. The toy allows him to be creative as he rolls and spins the rings pretending they are cars or trains. Such fun! ...

Rated by Bel Davies

Fabulous toy. My 8 month old baby loves pulling it apart and studying all the different colours :) ...

Rated by Edwina Millson

Wooden twist on a classic. Love it! ...

Rated by Georgia Hamilton

Well made, solid, Smooth parts and colourful. Great having three different stacks for variety and learning shapes. ...

Rated by Sharon Hallett
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Wooden Toy Stacking Rings
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