Magnetic Fishing Game Is a classic wooden toy that has been beautifully recreated with 20 numbered, multi coloured fish and a blue wavy sea scape bottomless box.

With four colour coded 36cm long fishing rods, with magnets at the end of green string, players can decide to catch their own coloured fish or just collect numbers, it's up to them

This is a great way to learn numbers and colours and very useful when little ones start to understand about groups and sorting.

It is also just really great fun to see who can catch the most fish.

Size: The waterless fish tank is 30cm square and 13cm high. The 4 fishing rods are 36cm long. 20 numbered fish.

Material: Wood, String, Child -safe paint, Magnets, Metal rings on the fish.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "There are so many different ways you can use this toy."

Weight: 0.80kg

Brand: Fun Factory

Model: 56305

Barcode: 9002289563055
Wooden Toys Magnetic Fishing Game
Wooden Toys Magnetic Fishing Game Detail
Wooden Toys Magnetic Fishing Game Detail-Two

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Wooden Toys Magnetic Fishing Game
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